Moviestar - Harpo

You feel like Steve McQueen when
you´re driving in your car
and you think you look like James Bond
when you´re smoking your cigar.
It´s so bizarre, you think you are
a new kind of James Dean
but the only thing I´ve ever seen
of you was the commercial spot on the screen.

Moviestar, - oh, mo - vie star,you think you are a mo - vie,
mo - vie star oh, mo - vie star,you think you are a mo - vie star.

You should belong to the jet set
fly your own private Lear jet
but you worked in a grocery store ev´ry day
until you could afford to get away
So you went to Sweden to meet Ingemar Bergman,
he wasn´t there or he just didn´t care
I think its time for you my friend to stop pretending that you are a

Movie star..

Frozen hero, your words are zero
and your dreams have vanished into dark,
and long ago but you will want to knowMovie star....

... 웃 ...