Andante Andante

Take it easy with me please.
Touch me gently like a summer evening breeze.
Take your time, make it slow.
Andante, andante
and let the feeling grow.

Make your fingers soft and light.
Let your body be the velvet of the night.
Touch my soul you know how.
Andante, andante
go slowly with me now.

I'm your music,
I'm your song,
play me time and time again
and make me strong.
Make me sing,
make me sound.
Andante, andantet
read lightly on my ground.
Andante, andante
oh, please don't let me down.

There's a shimmer in your eyes
like the feeling of a thousand butterflies.
Please don't talk, go on play.
Andante, andante
and let me float again.

I'm your music...